Captivating Heart to Heart - Session 10: Caring for Your Heart

The journey of life is a wonderful, beautiful, and often excruciatingly painful one. In the midst of all the demands and pressures that we feel, often the first thing we abandon is caring for our hearts. And that is a dangerous thing to do. God instructs us to guard our hearts, as in to protect them, shield them, watch over them, nurture them, care for them. It is in our heart of hearts that all life flows. It is in our hearts that Jesus makes his home and it is from our hearts that all love, all creativity, all worthy endeavors flow.


Captivating Heart to Heart - Session 9: Irreplaceable Role

A woman doesn’t come alive being merely useful. We want our lives to matter and to matter deeply. We want to be needed. Irreplaceable. And so does God.


Captivating Heart to Heart - Session 8: Beauty to Unveil

Beauty is a hard subject for women to talk about. Our desire for beauty has caused us countless tears and untold pain. The world’s view of beauty is unattainable for the majority of women . . . and yet we long for it.  The Bible teaches that every woman is made in the image of God. Every woman bears his image in her heart and carries within her the very essence of Beauty. Apart from God, beauty gets twisted, used and abused. Being beautiful on the outside doesn’t mean a woman has a beautiful heart.


Captivating Heart to Heart - Session 7: Loving a Man

Every woman has men in her life. They may be her father, her husband, her brother, her son, her neighbor, or a coworker. Men do make up the other half of the population, you know. They are around. And I think it’s safe to say that all of us have room for improvement in our relationships with men. I mean, they say women are a mystery. But are not men a mystery as well? They are different from us in some very core ways; not just in ways that are cultural and social, but in the ways they tend to think and view the world.


Captivating Heart to Heart - Session 6: Romanced

There comes a time in the life of every believer when propositional truth is no longer enough. It will always remain central, the foundation for our faith. And sometimes it is all we have, and we can run far and long on it. But we are made for intimacy with God, not just knowledge about him. As women, we long for romance. We are wired for it; it’s what makes our hearts come alive. The path of our restoration as women, the healing of our feminine hearts, takes us into a deeper experience of God and his love for us.


Captivating Heart to Heart - Session 5: Spiritual Warfare

     If you will listen carefully to any woman’s story, you will hear a theme: The assault on her heart. It might be obvious, as in the stories of physical, verbal, or sexual abuse. Or it might be more subtle, the indifference of a world that cares nothing for her, but uses her until she is drained. Forty years of neglect damages a woman’s heart, too, dear friends. Either way, the wounds continue to come long after we’ve “grown up,” but they all seem to speak the same message.


Captivating Heart to Heart - Session 4: Healing the Wound

     When Jesus first entered the synagogue to begin his earthly mission, he opened the Holy Scriptures and read from the book of Isaiah. When he finished, he proclaimed that in that moment, the Scripture had been fulfilled. Jesus read Isaiah 61.

     Jesus could have chosen so many Scriptures to announce his ministry and his mission yet he chose this one. Why? Because it is central to God’s purposes and God’s heart.


Captivating Heart to Heart - Session 3: Wounded

     Fallen Eve is not the truest thing about you, but we have to look at our fallenness first because it is in the way. It is in the way of God’s desires for our lives—and our own desires—but it is not the deepest thing about us. Underneath every striving, controlling, indulging, hiding, or desolate woman is a wounded little girl.


Captivating Heart to Heart - Session 2: Created Eve / Fallen Eve

If we understand Genesis 3:10, we understand the human condition. Every person breathing is to some extent afraid and hiding.

   For women, this deep distrust of God plays out in various ways. Depending upon the story of her life, each woman tends to express her “fallenness” on a spectrum varying between being extremely controlling or extremely desolate.

   We are in this together, gals. We need to look at our fallenness in order to find the redemption available to us in Christ and become the women we are intended to be. There is mercy for us. Even here.


Captivating Heart to Heart - Session 1: The Heart of a Woman

     As we begin this series together, know that it is a on of discovery. A journey, really. For you to discover who God meant when he meant you. What does it mean to be a woman? What is my calling in life? What does God value? What does He want from me? What do I want? And is that okay?