Deep in the heart of men is a desire to be entrusted with power.

It is God’s design.

It is God’s desire.

It is God’s intention.

And most men never make it.

Dallas Willard suggests the primary work of God throughout redemptive history is finding men to whom He can entrust His power.  And the story of most men is being entrusted with power and having that power bring harm to themselves and those under their care.

What’s not working?   Have you taken an honest inventory?  We tend to think the problems are external, like the broken marriage or the broken truck.  But problems in the world are meant to reveal problems within our souls. We are men in need of excavation and reconstruction: redemptive work that relies on the initiating, sustaining, and transforming power of the One who calls to us, taps us on the shoulder, and beckons us to follow Him. His desire is that we might join Him, along with a few others, and restore all that He intended since before the world began.

Eugene Peterson suggests that one of the most stubbornly enduring habits of the human race is insisting on domesticating God rather than submitting to personal excavation and reconstruction.  We are determined to tame God.  We figure out ways to harness Him to our projects.  We strain “to reduce God to a size that conveniently fits our plans and ambitions” rather than surrender to His transforming work in our lives.

Peterson goes on to say that God is certainly far more than we have ever dared to dream Him to be. He exceeds our wildest “experiences and imaginations.”

Yet in His goodness, this wild and unfettered God provides a way for us to genuinely respond to Him as He is and not as we want Him to be.  

But this way requires “much teaching and long training.”

It is the way of becoming a willing apprentice of Jesus and His Kingdom. A master student of His way and His heart. 

Jesus is clear on the invitation. The gate is narrow. The road is narrower still.

Few find it. Even fewer choose to stay the course.

For the narrow road requires the unthinkable.

When other men are building, the narrow road will require profound excavation.

When other men are seizing the lead, the narrow road will require choosing the lowest seat.

It will take time—years, in fact.

Yet the few who choose this journey, will become sons confident in the love of his Father.

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