Castration - A Case for Carrying a Knife
Disclaimer: is a blog written for men who are choosing a decade of excavation. My motive is to write with integrity and love to this group of men uniquely. If that's not you, I welcome you to enjoy, drink deeply, and invite God to bring nourishment to your heart. But be mindful that some of the topics, language, etc., might not sit well with you; in fact they might be offensive. I trust you and your walk with God to sort all that out.

The tragic fall of masculinity has whispered to me all my life, dissonant with something I know to be true. Yet it was glaringly obvious the other day when a coworker asked my friend Allen and me to assemble a set of IKEA shelves for her office..

The directions were as simple as I've ever seen in a package.

And I blew a gasket when I looked at them...


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