17 - 2016.9.21 - Remember the Signs

Please join us for this live teaching with Stasi Eldredge, recorded from September 2016's Women at the Well. Stasi helps us remember the signs and promises God has given to us.

Video Clip Used
1. Planet Change Montage on Youtube
2. Shadowlands (DVD): Start 1:44:17 Joy puts head on Lewis' shoulder while driving in car. 
End 1:48:13  Fade out just after Joy and Lewis' kiss in the barn.

Worship Set from September 2016

  • Bitter/Sweet - (5:44) (Amanda Cook; Brave New World)
  • Good to Me - (6:01) (Audrey Assad; Fortunate Fall)
  • Good Good Father - (8:06) (Housefires; Housefires II)
  • Be Enthroned - (8:05) (Bethel Music; Have it All)
  • Jesus, We Love You - (6:55) (Bethel Music; We Will Not Be Shaken)
  • You Hold Me Now - (8:28) (Hillsong United; Across the Earth: Tear Down the Walls)
  • Faithful to the End - (6:36) (Bethel Music; Have it All)
  • Who Can Compare to You- (5:56) (Bethel Music; We Will Not Be Shaken)
  • Have it All - (6:30) (Bethel Music; Have it All)
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

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