Worthy is the Lamb who was slaughtered—to receive power and riches and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing.
Revelation 5:12 nlt

Pilate dares to ask Jesus, “What is truth?” Jesus doesn’t even bother answering. You know how the Story goes—though Jesus could call down more than sixty thousand angels to prevent it, he lets the people kill him, and pardons them beforehand for doing it. Because of his extraordinary humility, no one seems to fully grasp just who this is. But nature knows, and cannot bear it—the earth convulses; the sun hides his face. It is only after the resurrection that the full reality begins to dawn on mankind. If it has even dawned on us yet.
And then there comes the touching humility of keeping the scars of those wounds—forever. You’ll see them, soon, get to touch them for yourself. Jesus wears them proudly now.

I think three years of this kind of humble generosity and patience is pretty dang impressive. But Jesus has kept right on at it—for two thousand years. Teaching you, including you in the mission, sharing in the glory, being playful, being honest, helping you along. No wonder when he steps into the heavens to accept the throne the cry goes up, “Worthy! Worthy! Worthy! Make him king!”

We have hardly touched on worship in this devotional. But worship is so important for the soul. Find some songs you love, and just tell Jesus he is worthy!


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