“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” 
Matthew 6:10

You have been looking for the kingdom all your life. When you were a child, you searched for it in ponds and cornfields, attics and bedroom forts you’d make with blankets. You “found” it in fairy tales and your favorite stories. You hear a certain song or piece of music, and it brings you to tears because it is haunting you with the kingdom. All your special places or those you dream of going—the longing you have for them is not because the kingdom is there, but rather because it is calling to you through that place, the aromas, the way you feel when you are there.

God knew he had to woo your heart forward into the Restoration, so he wove the promise of it into the earth. Now you understand why that promise fits perfectly with a wild hope deep within your heart, a hope you hardly dare to name. As you live forward from here, you can now interpret the promise rightly; you can embrace it for you know what it is. These glimpses can help fill the treasury of your imagination.

Browse through some magazines or any of those photo websites. Certain pictures and places will stir your heart. Now you know—they are telling you about the restored earth and the restored you in that new earth.


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