Let us then remember who we truly are. Let us go further up and further in to all the riches and the joy and the intimacy and the healing that God has for us! Do you remember who you are? Whose you are? 

First, you are the daughter of the King. You are your Father’s delight. You are the apple of his eye and the one on whom his affections rest. 

Second, you are the bride of Christ. You are engaged to the High Prince. You are the beloved of Jesus. There is a royal wedding coming, unparalleled in the history of men and angels, and all the eyes of creation will be riveted and rejoicing.

Third, you are the ally-friend of Jesus, sent to this earth to bring about the invasion of his kingdom. You have a role in a mighty story filled with beauty and danger.

When we believe something is true, it affects the choices we make. We believe gravity exists, so we jump up, safe in the knowledge that we will come down again. We believe the sun will rise, so we go to bed without the fear that night will last forever. But sometimes—actually quite often—God calls us to believe something before we experientially know it. The popular saying is “seeing is believing,” but in Christ, believing leads to seeing. God invites us to believe we are who he says we are. Regardless of our experience.


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