Commit yourself in love, in justice! Wait for your God, and don’t give up on him—ever! Hosea 12:6 the message

Without naming evil for what it is, and without a day of reckoning, there can be no justice. (This is where other religions that deny or ignore the actual and personal existence of evil fall short.)

Imagine, friend, a world without evil. Every demon swept away. A world without evil people, where everyone loves God and overflows with his holy love. Imagine being surrounded only by people you can trust completely. Holiness will permeate all things. No wonder joy is the constant mood of the kingdom!

Our age cries out for justice. I believe in those justice movements. But I fear a great heartbreak is coming unless we understand the timing of things. Until the evil one is bound and cast into the lake of fire, our efforts here will be only partially successful. A dear man who runs an orphanage for abused and trafficked girls wrote me of his ache due to turning away girls every week. There’s simply no room to take them all in. This is a terrible reality: our best efforts must be carried on, but they will not achieve justice on the earth until our Lord’s return.

How do we carry on? Only with the anchor of your soul; only with the sure and firm hope that this Day is coming. Justice is coming. You must place this hope in front of you daily.

O Jesus—breathe this deep into my mind and heart. Justice is coming. Let me believe it, Lord, with the help of your Spirit in me.


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