He who testifies to all these things says it again: “I’m on my way! I’ll be there soon!” Yes! Come, Master Jesus!
Revelation 22:20 The Message

There’s nothing like stepping out your door into the beckoning world. This is why people vacation in beautiful places. It’s also the secret to the stories you love—that magical moment when the hero or heroine steps into a “brave new world.”

Dear friend, you’re preparing your heart to receive the hope that alone can be the anchor of your soul. One day soon you will step into a renewed earth, sparkling like an orchard of cherry trees after a rain shower. Joy will be yours. How do you open your heart to this after so much pain and disappointment? You have lost many things as you’ve passed through the battlefields of this war-torn world; your humanity has been stripped of such essential good- ness. One of your greatest losses is the gift of wonder, the doorway into the kingdom heart. But you have special places and favorite stories that will awaken it.

Sometimes even a single phrase like “they strode away into the night” can awaken a sense of longing that almost pierces. There are parts of you, no matter how deeply buried, that still remember you were made for this. You have been looking for the kingdom all your life. It is the most beautiful, hopeful, glorious promise ever made. And it is real. And it is yours.

Just stay with that for more than a second: It is real. And it is yours. Repeat that to yourself. The restoration of all things is real. And it is mine.


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