What do you hope people will say at your eulogy?

"Growing up, my dad was my hero. He was strong yet playful. His courage taught me how to stand up for those in need."

"My father was always dreaming about our next adventure together. He could fix anything from a broken mower to a broken heart. He loved God, and taught me a life of wholehearted integrity."

"My dad gave me access to vibrant life in God’s Kingdom. I'll never forget his laugh. But what I’ll remember most is the simple fact that no one loved me more, knew me more, or pursued me more than him."

Set aside an hour this week. Write out the words you would love to hear spoken as a eulogy over your life. Ask our Father what is the next step in becoming that person?

There is an ancient path. A tried and true road that leads to a life abundant, a life burgeoning with what matters most, a life everlasting. It has always been so. And this hope whispers to us, beckons us in every moment of every day.

Roughly 2,600 years ago, a wild-eyed prophet who was living through four of the most violent and tumultuous decades of his country’s history, cried out on behalf of the people in these words:

Go stand at the crossroads and look around
      Ask for directions to the old road,
The tried-and-true road. Ask where the good way is, and walk in it.
      You will discover rest and what is right for your soul…

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