The book “Killing Lions” is a conversation between John and Sam Eldredge about the trials young men face.
[John]   A man faces many forks in the road as he journeys through his life—each choice determining what kind of life he is going to live. Will he sell out for money? Will he pursue the girl—and having won her, will he continue to fight for their relationship? Will he risk for his dreams or succumb to fear and resignation? Will he let his health go? Will he fight for friendships? But this one—Will he face evil? Will he become the warrior?—this one will have dramatic repercussions for the rest of his life, because everything else he wants in life he will have to fight for.  
This is the fork in the road that divides the men from the boys, whatever their age might be. 
In fact, I have hope that your generation will be the one to finally deal with this on a global scale. Yours is the generation raised on Halo and Call of Duty—all those video games that so clearly portray a world at war, great evil powers that must be fought. While a number of church leaders with tight underwear wrote essays denouncing those games, I found myself wondering—perhaps this was God’s way of preparing you to understand and accept the reality all around you.
But let me ask: How would you live differently if life was as epic, mythic, and urgent as Halo?
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