Intensive Application

Section 1: References

Please choose three references and have them submit a recommendation on your behalf by answering the questions below. If you are married, we require one of your three references be from your spouse. Recommendations should be emailed to

  • What is the name and email of the applicant for which you are recommending?
  • How long and in what context have you known the applicant?
  • In your opinion, is he qualified and ready for an event like this?  
  • Rate this applicant's spiritual maturity on a scale of 1-5. Why?
  • What qualities do you admire in this person and in what areas of their life do you see a need for God to address?
  • Please include any additional comments that can help us make a decision on this candidate.

Section 2: Application Form

Please complete the form below and click "submit entry" when finished. Due to the length of the application, we also recommend typing and saving your answers in a separate document. Then paste them into the form below as a safeguard. Though rare, we have had situations where an applicant was in the middle of completing their form and the website encountered a technical issue, and their answers were unrecoverable.

Please select the BGS Intensive you are applying for. If no future BGS Intensive is currently scheduled, no dates will appear in the drop down. You may still apply, but please select "Next Available BGS Intensive" and we will keep your application on file and contact you when our next event has been scheduled.
Contact Information
What is your date of birth?
Family History
What is your current marital status?
If married, how many years?
Do you have children and how many?
If yes to children, what are their ages?
What would you say are the strengths of your marriage?
What would you say are the weaknesses of your marriage?
How would your wife describe the areas in your marriage that need to grow?
RH History
What events have you attended with RH (by date)?
What RH resources have you read, listened to?
What RH Events has your spouse attended (by date)?
What RH resources has your spouse read, listened to?
How has this RH message personally impacted your life and your walk with God?
How have you led men in the Ransomed Heart message?
What is your personal experience with the Become Good Soil message? (example podcast, blog, BGS Intensive Box Collection)
Personal History
What is your current job title? (ie. Teacher, Engineer, Event Director, etc)
Describe your current job responsibilities (Please include name of organization you work for and website of organization)
Describe what you understand as your vocational calling.
How long have you walked with God?
What does your relationship with the Father (God) look like today?
How have you suffered?
Are there any current areas of active addiction in your life? If so, please give some history, context and current strategy toward walking into more freedom.
Describe why you would like to attend an Intensive event.
How did you hear about this event?
Are you in regular community with any men who have participated in a past Intensive as a facilitator or attendee? If so, please offer their names, year they attended and a brief explanation on level/type of community you share.
Have you previously attended The Become Good Soil Intensive?
Have you previously applied for the Become Good Soil Intensive?
(If yes to applied before) Please reference the original response we sent you from your last application. We offered some suggestions as next steps for you in that email. What have you done in response to our recommendations from your past application?
(If yes to applied before) What has transpired specifically in the time since applying last time that would help us better discern both the potential fit for you in this event and with that the timing of your potential participation?
Any additional comments?
Please submit any personal social media (FB, Twitter, blogs, etc...) that might help us know you more. Please include links when possible.
Please upload a picture of yourself (headshot only, preferably 250x350 pixels).
Please send additional pictures that will help us get to know you to

How should we save your application?

I understand that I WILL NOT be able to make any changes after I save.