2017 Colorado Hunting Camp
October 20, 2017 to October 26, 2017
Oak Creek, CO United States
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2017 Colorado Hunting Camp

2017 hunting camp

2017 Colorado Hunting Camp Theme - "Fighting like a man"

Join New Wilderness Adventures for our 4th annual Hunting Camp! October 20-26 We will hunt for big game (Elk and Mule Deer) in the rugged Northern Central Colorado Rockies, Routt National Forrest. ( Hunt Zone 15)

This adventure is not just about the hunt, it is about connecting deeper with our Heavenly Father and other men as we adventure together and enjoy creation and friends! Each day we will explore topics that will encourage and strengthen your masculine heart! There is ample time to hunt and you will eat well! You will leave with deeper connections, perhaps some meat and a trophy.


Our base camp will be the rustic Mount Elim Bible Camp which borders the National Forest. (great hunting right out of the camp!) Private land adjacent the camp gives NWA hunters exclusive forrest access! This is high adventure with moderate risk! No experience is necessary (first time hunters welcome) but a license (hunter safety card too) is required to hunt. There are ample mule deer and elusive elk! (weather plays a huge factor with the elk) In 2016 the group harvested 2 bucks, 1 doe, (better than state average) we found elk, shots were fired, none were taken.


  • October 20st-26th (Arrive Friday afternoon, depart Thursday morning)
  • Cost $405, includes lodging, food, and conference materials
  • You are invited to stay additional days at $65/day, thru Oct 29th (season ends at sundown on Sunday)
  • 5 full days of hunting!
  • Men/Sons 14 and up
  • Mount Elim Bible Camp (between Kremmling and Toponas Colorado in the Gore Range)


  • $405; $65 for each additional day
  • June 1st Deposit Deadline of $75
  • Sept 15th paid in full deadline.
  • Cancelation with refund minus $30 processing fee, by July 1st.
  • April 4th Colorado Draw tag deadline. (see below)

Youth (age 12-17) can hunt for a ridiculously reduced (1/4 - 1/6) license cost! Youth must have a mentor 18 or older, both need a hunter safety certificate. Mentor does not need to hunt!

*NOT INCLUDED: * Your gear, rifle, hunting licenses, snacks, processing, shipping, travel, etc...

HUNTERS EDUCATION (safety) CARD is required to hunt. Unless you were born prior to 1949. There is an apprentice license for first time hunters, if you can not complete you hunter safety prior to your draw application.


Bull Elk hunting licenses are available over the counter (no draw), other licenses, including Mule Deer (Buck or Doe) and Cow Elk can be obtained through a draw. The deadline for the draw is April 4th, 2017. We strongly suggest getting Mule Deer Tags. You will have an opportunity to kill a deer for sure. We strongly suggest you get these, Really.. Get them! There are trophy Mule Bucks in the area.


2017 Hunting Planner

DRAW TAGS: (if you miss the deadline call) Deer are draw only!! Application deadline APRIL 4th Cow Elk tags are draw only! Application deadline APRIL 4th To purchase your draw license and to enter the draw go here.

CODES FOR THE DRAW: (October 21-30 (2nd combined rifle season)) Mule Deer Buck: D-M-015-02-R Mule Deer Doe: D-F-015-02-R Elk Cow: E-F-015-02-R

DO NOT select that you are hunting in a group on the draw!


If you’d like to talk to someone about last year’s trip or what to expect this year call Tim Little at 970-485-0745 or email Tim at: tim@newwildernessadventures.com



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Primary Contact: 
Mark Folk
Oak Creek, CO United States
(888) 876-9294
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Creating great space for men to be men
I've been attending NWA events for a few months now and am thoroughly impressed with their ability to create the space necessary and the content to speak to my masculine heart. I've made some good friends, signed up for a few of their adventures, and will continue participating in this ministry as often as I can. I encourage you to check it out.
Man of God
Wild at heart,Epic,Killing Lions,John Eldredge, if you are reading this and you're not familiar with at least one of the things listed above then I'm sorry to tell you that you are missing out on letting God truly and genuinely renew you and tell you who you really are,what he intended for you to do when you were in your mother's womb,you new name...YES!! God wants to bless you,will you allow him?
Healing is a great word to use. New WIlderness has been instrumental is helping men heal wounds and addictions. Through adventures, boot camps, small group meetings, bon fires and counseling, NWA is an awesome ministry that has changed the lives of many men and continues to do so.
I had the chance to spend time with the New Wilderness Adventures crew this past week. I was immediately impressed by the non threatening nature of the event and the people that organized it. If you are looking to get away somewhere where you will be refreshed and renewed then look no further than these guys. They are the real deal when it comes to a community of grace and truth!
Allies with NWA
The phrase, "We go way back", seems to fit. I remember my first phone conversations with NWA founder, Mark Folk. It was 2003 and I was looking for allies in this message. When we started Zoweh in 2005, NWA was a huge encouragement to us. I met Greg Sailors, current director of NWA a few years later and friendship continued. Fishing, fires, conversations about men's hearts and sharing what God was doing in our own became part of our routine connecting. Love that these men are close. Just a couple hours east from Zoweh in NC. NWA was/is one of the original "first fruits" of the Ransomed Heart ministry. They have been helping me find their way for a long time and we are honored to call them our Allies.
NWA review
Having just moved to NC I made my first Bon Fire in January with NWA. It was a cold night (20's) and while driving out I began to wonder "it's cold out, at night, and I really don't know these guys," but within 10 minutes of meeting these guys they made me feel like a long lost brother. The fire was warm, the food was excellent, the message was even better and it was great to make new friends in my new location. I highly recommend coming out to these Bon Fire's and don't worry if your alone or don't know anyone. It's impossible to be a stranger amongst these guys.
New Wilderness Adventures
New Wilderness Adventures have been some of my greatest allies in my walk with Christ. They have helped me see Jesus in a whole new way that brings light and life. They are definitely one of the best ministries I know of. I can honestly say they have fought for my heart as an individual child of God, and stand out as an authentic Christ-centered ministry and community.
Life Changing
Since attending New Wilderness Adventures events over several years now Greg and all the men associated with this organization have patiently guided me personally and discipled me in my walk with God. Their impact on the men around them is profound and life changing in a way that is desperately needed in Christian ministry. I have found true friends and mentors among these men who have taught me the life affirming messages found in the Bible and Wild at Heart.
I took my son to the Fall
I took my son to the Fall Adventure. I would say NWA is like a bunch of "good ole boys" just not in the redneck sense. They are real men who live as disciples of Jesus more than being "church correct". Is that politically correct???
A ministry where real men can be real.
New Wilderness Adventures has been part of my life for over 10 years. Growing up in the same church where Mark Folk was a member and seeing him go through the process of listening to the Lord and envisioning this ministry has been awesome. And personally, I've been on numerous adventures, enjoyed the fellowship of food and scripture at bonfires, and have personally been enriched by Greg Sailors through mentoring and friendship. Can't thank these guys enough for what they do. If you're a Christian man looking to find a place of challenge, learning, adventure, and fellowship, New Wilderness Adventures is it buddy.
New Wilderness Adventures
Over the last six years or so, I have participated in several events sponsored by New Wilderness Adventures. From a year-long marriage ministry that ended with a weekend in the NC mountains, to their hunting trips, their bonfires, and lots of one-on-one time with director Greg Sailors, my experiences with NWA have been important, meaningful trail markers along the path of my Christian journey. These guys pour everything they've got into their ministry, and they are making a huge difference in the lives of the men (and women) that they minister to.
Only if you want to come alive
These guys are genuine. They offer multiple opportunities to take your journey to another level - engaging fellowship - serve in several capacities - joining in on various hand's on adventures. They have a mature blend of leaders and offer a rich landscape of teachings and experiences. If you're looking for a network, you should definitely try them out. They've been on deck for several years now, pressing forward and they remain. That also says a great deal for them.
I know I'm the director and I'm partial but being able to hang out with the team is better than the hunting... really.. but I I hope you come. You'll never be the same!!
Great Organization
New Wilderness Adventures is a great organization that mentors and helps men become the men God wants them to be. It uses the outdoors and adventures as a way of disciple men through all the trials and tribulations that are going to come our way.
I'm not only the director but
I'm not only the director but have been a participant since 2004. Mark Folk who founded the ministry and others like Barry Strickland have walked with me in a deep mentoring relationship for years before coming on staff in 2007. Through the ministry of NWA and our friends at RH, I truly am becoming who God designed me to be!