Fathered By God Teleconference Small Group
February 05, 2015 to March 26, 2015
Spartanburg, SC United States
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Group Name: Fathered By God: Learning What Your Dad Could Never Teach You. An 8-week study based upon John Eldredge’s book by the same title.
Group Meeting Day/Time/Frequency: Every Thursday from 8pm-9:30pm, starting February 5, 2015, and ending March 26, 2015.
Group Meeting Location: Conference call. 5 minutes before meeting time, please call (605) 562-3140 and enter the Participant Code: 291660, followed by the # sign. Please plan to use a headset as it greatly reduces background noise and allows your hands to be free to take notes. If using a cell phone, please make sure it is fully charged. If you cannot get through on the call, please email me at charlie@charlievensel.com
Group Leader: Charlie Vensel - MDIV, ACC, CSD
Group Size: 4
Materials Needed: 

Purchase Fathered By God Book here: amazon.com

Download the free workbook here: Fathered By God Workbook

Meeting Format: We will meet for 1.5 hours, giving roughly 30 minutes to each of the three participants. We may opt to go 30 min each in turn, or, walking through each discussion point together.
Group Guidelines: We will abide by the following guidelines in our group meetings:

Be committed to the group; your regular attendance matters.

Maintain confidentiality. Only share outside the group what you shared about yourself during the call, not what others shared.

Get directly to the issue and the point by using “succinct speech.”

Stay focused on one issue at a time.

Allow others to finish what they are sharing before responding.

Keep the feedback positive and encouraging.

Avoid advising unless requested. 

Bring your very best insights, ideas and dreams and share them with the group.

Group Meeting Schedule & Readings: Please complete your reading, watch the videos if possible (free hyper links to videos included in the section below), and the workbook assignments before each session. Coming to our meetings having processed this information will allow room for the most fruitful discussion and hopefully, transformation.
Registration: Contact Charlie at charlie@charlievensel.com by 2/1/15.

Primary Contact: 
Charlie Vensel - MDIV, ACC, CSD
Spartanburg, SC United States
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Charlie Vensel - MDIV, ACC, CSD
Wonderful Class! I had the opportunity to take a life coaching class under Charlie, and I am so glad I did. Learned how to listen deeper to what guys were saying and what they were not saying! So helpful to me as I lead several men's groups! Thank you Charlie!!
I found Charlie Vensel's New
I found Charlie Vensel's New 4Rmations to be a incredibly valuable resource in my walk with God. I have attended two of their programs, and I felt it was worth all of the effort that went into it. I would highly recommend this resource to any man who is seeking to walk closer with God. The material is anointed and very relevant.
Charlie put together a great men’s weekend adventure. The trip was well organized with a relaxed environment that fostered open and honest discussion regarding God and how we see ourselves in our relationship with him. Charlie also challenged each of us to look inside ourselves with some very interesting questions which opened up the group and enabled us to have some great discussions. The weekend was very enjoyable and well worth the time.
Wild at Heart
This program was brought to life by Charlie, he was able to provide leadership and insight into a side of manhood that is lacking in our culture today. He is a leader who allows you to question your beliefs and then provides the opportunity to arrive at a solution with his assistance. I enjoyed the time spent on this course and his guidance.
charlie , is a gifted and
charlie , is a gifted and intuitive counselor. i have been in counseling ( other counselors ) for close to 30 years for serous wounds from abuse. charlie has helped me get to the next phase in my healing journey. he has also been a wonderful expression of God to me in teaching me the fundamentals of the books wild at heart and fathered by God and how to apply them practically to real life.
Great Experience
Charlie did a fantastic job leading our Wild at Heart Boot Camp that wrapped up this week. The small group along with Charlie's leadership have helped me grow in my relationship with God and as a man. It helped me uncover a lot of wounds I didn't know were there, and revealed to me the seriousness of spiritual warfare. Charlie offers great leadership, advice, and insight that really help people, and if you have the opportunity to attend one of his small groups I recommend doing so.
Great Captivating at All Saints
It was like hearing it for the first time. I have had the privilege of attending one DAB and one ransomed heart retreat. The video option is a great way to get your sisters in Christ together for content designed to strengthen our hearts. Can't review my agreements enough. I want them all gone in the name of Jesus! Loved the session on loving a man. It's not about the nail guys! Too funny. Peace!
So worthwhile and enlightening
My most recent small group experience led by Charlie was Captivating/Wild at Heart. Through Charlie's skillful leadership, deep understanding of the concepts, and solid insights, not only do I have a better understanding of my own deepest needs and desires, but also those of my husband. Charlie has such a gift for getting down to the root of an issue and helping someone move forward in a healthy way.
Eye Opening Experience
Charlie recommended Wild at Heart while administering premarital counseling to my now wife and I. With Charlie's wisdom and guidance my marriage is off to a great start. My first read thru really opened my eyes to the wounds I carry. I am now attending Charlie's Wild at Heart boot camp, and it is the highlight of my week. Thanks to Charlie I feel I am making great strides not only in my walk with God, but in becoming the man God meant for me to be. I would recommend to anyone who has a chance, attend one of Charlie's groups and see the difference he can make for you.
Life changing results
Since working with Charlie, the results have been extraordinary. I’ve realized that spiritual warfare is real and I’m regularly entering the battle for me and my family. I highly recommend Charlie Vensel. He is a patient listener, gifted facilitator/teacher, and a skilled spiritual director. As an alumnus of Wild at Heart bootcamp and advance bootcamp, Charlie understands and practices the Ransomed Heart message and will help you apply it in your life.
A Great Resource!
Charlie has a unique ability to provide valuable insights founded on his pastoral training, coaching skills, and personal lessons learned from life experiences. Charlie is an excellent listener and will patiently help you navigate through difficult decisions or transitions in life.