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Christianity 101


Christianity 101

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Early in my Christian walk I fell into a subset of believers viewed by other believers as depreciating the call to an obedient submission to the Lordship of Christ by our “over emphasis” on the grace of God. They may have been right, I knew so little but believed it passionately. Now, I hope I wouldn’t take sides in a false dichotomy.

The definition of grace I grew up on was “unmerited favor”. That’s pretty short and simple. I imagine all my training, experience and insight could add a little color and texture to that definition but I’m not sure I’d really improve it.

Unmerited favor. Unmerited favor.

Unmerited favor from God, for others and from others is something I’m experiencing in ways that make me wonder whether I’m rollicking in grace for the first time or is it another deeper cut “thingie” where something you know you now really know. (Oh Lord, forgive me for all those passionate sermons on things that I knew so very little about.)

I never imagined being in a place/season where I have so little to offer others and am so needy of them. In need of things I resist receiving, I haven’t earned, don’t deserve, can’t live without and may not be able to repay. Grace.

Unmerited, compassionate, free flowing, heart felt favor… from God, from others and for others. I’m on the front end of all of this and it feels like “Christianity 101” but its not the first time I’ve repeated a course before.


(Tell me about the grace you’ve experienced.)

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