A Game Changer


In Rescue Missions across the country, Jesus is touching the hearts of homeless men and women in profound ways. Listen to this story from Jim Palmer, Founder of the Orange County Rescue Mission:

Just prior to Thanksgiving, Ray Johnson and I invited 150 homeless men and women to attend a streaming broadcast on John’s new book, Beautiful Outlaw. As you can imagine so many things were set against me pulling this off. First, it was the projector failing; so then we purchased and installed a new one, then it was logistics for childcare, and then some questioned why we were doing this at all… As the 150 gathered in the Village of Hope Chapel at the Rescue Mission I could tell that they were all restless. As you can imagine, this is a group that has a real hard time sitting still and listening for any length of time.
I jumped up and introduced your video, and shared how Wild at Heart had changed my life and how I believed that Beautiful Outlaw would allow their lives to be changed, too. As the video played, I was amazed at how everyone was engaged. The laughter was defining at times. There was a real roar of the crowd and applause was regular.
Sixty minutes into the presentation, I asked my case managers that were present if they felt this group could finish the next 30 minutes. The response was an overwhelming yes. A number of the case managers told me that they had “never” seen this group so engaged and excited about a message.
As the message ended I stood and shared what I saw in their faces. I saw a group of rejects and society’s outlaws just learn that their Lord and Savior was an outlaw. They all applauded wildly.  Then Ray Johnson stood and proclaimed that this message was a “Game Changer” for us all and closed us in a powerful prayer. As they each walked out I handed them a copy of Beautiful Outlaw and they were so thankful. Many had tears and many just could not stop talking about their excitement about the message. This book is just beginning of an incredible journey within the hearts of these homeless men and women.

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