Oct 6 Story


I am a pastor and Satan had taken me out.  I was about to quit because of all of the arrows.  I came to the Boot Camp as a last resort.  I had read Wild at Heart and Waking the Dead.  I knew my heart had been lost so I asked God to show me how to get it back.  He sent me to Boot Camp.

I have learned that I had embraced my wound, which was Satan's lie that I could never measure up.  I believed that God could only love me and people would only accept me if I was a success with a big church.

God took me into my wound, exposed satan's lie and gave me a name, "Son".  He told me that He love me and accepts me regardless of performance.

God has shown me so many agreements I had made with Satan.  I have broken those agreements and God has spoken truth into my heart, bringing it back to life.  Jesus really is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  I knew it in my head before, now I have experienced it in my heart.

I am now able to return to my wife, children and congregation with a heart that is alive and ready for battle.  I know it will be a war, but now my heart is alive, my eyes are opened and I will fight in the authority and power of my King, Jesus Christ.  I will fight for my wife, children and people.  Satan has no place in the domain Jesus has given me!

Thank you so much for being God's warriors who have brought His truth and healing to my heart.  We now fight together to rescue the hearts of men.