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posted on 10/24/2012

Join us for a 4-day quest into the recovery of your masculine soul.  Do you desire life, freedom and your heart to be truly free? Then come and join the adventure - come and encounter Jesus. 

This event is based on the Wild at Heart Boot Camp by John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart Ministry. The retreat includes live teaching sessions by Bart Hanson of Ransomed Heart, video teaching sessions, films and times of reflection. This is more than a retreat this is a rescue mission of a man’s heart, for the men attending they will never be the same.  

The Retreat will be taking place at Forest Home Camp located at the base of Big Bear Mountain.  Set in a deep valley on the way to tallest peak in Southern CA...

posted on 10/24/2012; ">
Join us for a 4 day quest into the recovery of your masculine soul.  Do you desire life, freedom and your heart to be truly free?  Then come and join the adventure - come and encounter Jesus. 
posted on 10/09/2012

Wildmen started out in 2003 with 8 men who got together to attend a “40 Days of Purpose” small group. Purely by word-of-mouth it quickly grew from there.

Currently we have Wildmen meetings in 8 locations, in 3 states and in 2 countries. Yes, we even have a Wildmen Ally in Australia. We never set out to form a ministry, just relationships. But God had bigger plans.

Our weekly meetings are designed to promote heart-changing discipleship, real fellowship, true worship, and relevant ministry...

posted on 09/05/2012

Texoma Wild Hearts is the by-product of a small band of brothers, and their individual encounters with God, joining together to endeavor to bring restoration of the heart to other men. These encounters, these individual stories, consisting of God's wondrous healing work in the midst of hardship, loss, and grief, are made even more powerful in the bonds of friendship and alliance. It is Relationship over endeavor.

Texoma Wild Hearts is committed to the fight for the hearts of men. We are committed to leading other men into true masculinity; walking with God. We are committed to offering more opportunities for Boot Camps in the future, as well as other events that bring life into the hearts of men, women, and children. But most...

posted on 03/07/2012


Men all over the world are leading Wild at Heart Boot Camps, and countless men are being set free.  Wildmen Kansas recently hosted a weekend Boot Camp and shared with Ransomed Heart how God came that weekend, through a company of men, and how he is still moving in the men who attended.  Read here:


Dear Friends,
Dallas Willard once described the Kingdom of God as “The Effective Range of the Will of God.”  In other words, where what God wants to be done is being done. There is no doubt that what happened this weekend at Timber Lakes...

posted on 01/19/2012

Does Jesus really hear us?  Read Greg's story:

A couple of weeks ago I was praying that I wanted to go back in time and walk with Jesus for just a week or even a day so I could get to know his personality. If only I could walk with him and see his expressions and get the real meanings of some of the things he did and said that I don't understand. A few days later I was at the Christian book store and saw this book Beautiful Outlaw. I read the inside cover and knew God was answering my prayer. It has been a "game changer" for me...

posted on 12/19/2011


In Rescue Missions across the country, Jesus is touching the hearts of homeless men and women in profound ways. Listen to this story from Jim Palmer, Founder of the Orange County Rescue Mission:

Just prior to Thanksgiving, Ray Johnson and I invited 150 homeless men and women to attend a streaming broadcast on John’s new book, Beautiful Outlaw. As you can imagine so many things were set against me pulling this off. First, it was the projector failing; so then...

posted on 11/08/2011


Beautiful Outlaw is a dangerous book! It has caused me to fall in love with Jesus all over again. I realized in reading it that Jesus is a whole lot different than what I have been told, taught, and believed. He is so refreshingly inviting, masculine, and full of life that my picture of Jesus is forever altered. I want to draw as close to this man and follow Him with everything I am. Only read this book if you are willing to have your entire world shaken to it’s core—in the best possible way you...

posted on 10/10/2011


Brent - This is the Gospel That We Need to Hear from Ransomed Heart on Vimeo.


Through the teaching of Jesus in John's new book Beautiful Outlaw, Brent believes that the question of "Who is Jesus?" can best be answered by looking at the stories in the gospels, and has discovered an amazing man!  Brent...

posted on 08/24/2011

My name is Jim. I'm a 39 year old husband and father of 2. I'm a youth pastor by trade, but because of my response to the wounds from my past, I abandoned that calling almost 2 years ago. In the 2 years that I've been away from ministry, I've undergone a tireless search for why I just couldn't seem to get things together.
I was familiar with John Eldredge's stuff for some time, saw him at Catalyst, read parts of The Sacred...