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posted on 04/06/2014

A number of folks I know and love are chasing hard after God these days.

I think the times are demanding it. The draining nature of the pace of life combined with the spiritual battles that seem to be hitting everyone are creating in us a deeper need and hunger for more of God. Just this week a dear friend said to me, "I just need more of God." I sure need more of God. I bet you do, too. 

How do we find "more of God"? Where do we look?

Folks seem to be looking to the latest cool conference, the new worship CD, the prophetic teacher, churches and experiences promising "encounters." Some of it delivers. But it doesn't seem to last. So you've got to find the next new...

posted on 01/20/2014

Stasi and I were having dinner last night with some dear friends, leaders of a ministry and seminary. At one point in the conversation the husband said something to the effect of, "I am praying daily for the return of Jesus." And it stopped me in my tracks - because I can't recall the last time I heard anyone say that. Can  you? I stopped the conversation to ask him, "Is that common in your circles? Do you know a number of Christians who are praying for the return of Jesus?"

He paused, and then said, "Actually, no. No one."

His wife added, "No one talks about it. Our church has never preached on it that I can remember."

That's my experience, too, and it feels very...

posted on 12/30/2013

I was sitting at my desk this morning catching up on email, and noticed the December RH letter lying nearby. I picked it up, and read it...and knew I had to share it with you (even if you read the hard copy)...

Dearest Friends,

The year is quickly drawing to a close. As I sit in my office on this cold and snowy morning, I am praying over this letter…

What do you have for us, Jesus? What do you want for your people this month?

I am reluctant to write you on a Christmas theme. Not because I don’t like Christmas; I love it. I love all of Christmastide. My reluctance comes because by now you are inundated with everyone’s holiday thoughts, wishes, commercials,...

posted on 12/24/2013

A Merry Christmas to all our dear friends and allies!

As I reflect upon the mystery of the incarnation, and the great invasion of the Kingdom that began under cover of darkness in a remote village in the Middle East, so many wonders flood my heart. The wild plan of God to come the way he did, where he did, when he did, as he did. The great battle in the heavens. The immense cost. The staggering series of events that began to unfold. It really is breathtaking, more than any other story ever told.

But above all, what I wanted to offer you this Christmas is this one simple thought:

It worked.

God came for us, and all that he planned and all he intended in Jesus Christ has come true. The rule of Evil has been...

posted on 11/26/2013

I'm not sure if it is the pace of my life, or something to do with forgetfulness, perhaps even modesty, but I hardly ever listen to our own materials once we've recorded them. Especially our podcasts. My loss. Because yesterday, after receiving a number of heartfelt and profound responses to our recent series, I decied to tune in myself, as a listener. 

I was blown away.

Really - God has this unique ability to invade somewhere between words spoken, files edited and the listening experience. He comes, he indwells, he inhabits, taking something that seems so obvious and making it resonate with the Kingdom.

We are in the midst of a series on Leadership - which in itself is a God thing. I mean...yawn....

posted on 10/09/2013

Last Sunday night my friend Darrell Evans (worship leader; we use his music a lot at our retreats) was playing in town and Stasi and I had been looking forward to it. Even bought tickets in advance.

But then the weekend took its usual toll, and we were both tired and in that Sunday evening place of "time to veg." We made the mistake of settling into a good movie when Stasi suddenly asked, "What time is it?" It was 7:51. Darrell was starting at 8:00. Across town.

I was about to run up the white flag when Stasi said, "We should go. I want to go." I wanted to protest. Make excuses. So I quickly did what I often do—what I have learned to do from many mistakes—I paused, and internally I...

posted on 09/11/2013

Today we remember the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Smoke billowing from the Trade Center towers; their sudden collapse; the Pentagon on fire; the wreckage in a Pennsylvania field.

Remembering is a really central theme in scripture. “Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them” (Deuteronomy 4:9). All those commands to write it on your foreheads, inscribe it on the door post, teach your children these things. And of course there is the Lord’s supper, in which we are urged to remember. Forgetfulness was viewed by...

posted on 04/05/2013

Some of my blog readers aren't aware that I write a monthly newsletter (that's right, an actual letter—comes in an envelope, printed on paper, delivered by the postman. Remember letters?). So I thought I'd share this month's letter with you here...

Dear Friends,

This letter began with a stone.

Well, actually, it began with a question. The answer to which was a stone.

I’d written you a different letter this month but it just didn’t feel quite right. So I let it sit on my computer overnight, waiting to see if it was just me not liking what I’d written, or if it was in fact not the right letter. Tonight I was walking around the house praying, asking God, “What do...

posted on 03/22/2013

This coming Sunday begins a Very Big Week for Christians. Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday is the triumph not only of Jesus Christ, but of our lives as now intertwined with his. This week is the triumph of our faith.

But some of the power of this story gets lost in our familiarity with it, lost to us because we know it so well. It's a bit like watching a movie you love...for the 42nd time.

I find myself wondering...

What was this week like for Jesus, internally? How did he experience it, as a man? Gethsemene makes it very, very clear that Jesus felt all of this not as a superhero, but as a human being. What was it like for him, whose heart is the greatest heart of all?

Staring this Sunday, our special Easter...

posted on 02/26/2013

Stasi – my source of great worship music – just played a new song for me last night that captures something God put on our hearts in a big way these past few months. It’s called “Suddenly” (by Daniel Bashta) and the opening lines go like this:

We are longing for your coming

We are desperate for your presence

And the refrain goes,

Suddenly come, suddenly come, suddenly come just like you promised.

Oh friends, it is nearer now than ever.

Back in November we held a small retreat here in Colorado. As the event drew near, Jesus gave us a new topic, and in doing so we knew that he had something on his heart for us. Not just for us at the retreat, but for all of us who...

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