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John's Blog

posted on 04/06/2014

A number of folks I know and love are chasing hard after God these days.

I think the times are demanding it. The draining nature of the pace of life combined with the spiritual battles that seem to be hitting everyone are creating in us a deeper need and hunger for more of God. Just this week a dear friend said to me, "I just need more of God." I sure need more of God. I bet you do, too. 

How do we find "more of God"? Where do we look?

Folks seem to be looking to the latest cool conference, the new worship CD, the prophetic teacher, churches and experiences promising "encounters." Some of it delivers. But it doesn't seem to last. So you've got to find the next new...

Stasi's Blog

posted on 04/08/2014

Self-judgment can feel to me, well, justified.  But that hard kernel of shame does not yield a fruit of self-control or change or any other good thing in my life.  Instead, it turns into a shield that affects my capacity to receive Love.  It becomes the foggy, warped lens through which I view my every relationship and myself.  I simply don't believe I am loved or lovable. It couldn't possibly be true.


In fact, left alone, the little hard kernel of self-judgment grows like an aggressive cancer, wreaking havoc in my life.  The small stone becomes a massive rock that is too large for me to move.  But God (still two of my favorite words), but God is in the business of...

Craig's Blog

posted on 04/17/2014

Nine days, five guys in their 20s, two codgers, a single bottle of tequila, and a “We vastly underestimated this” adventure in the Utah wilderness provided every necessity for a clan of hearts inquiring and offering.

We rode mountain bikes and drove the White Rim Trail. It’s a trail/road in the same sense that a tightrope is a walkway. It was like driving bumper cars on a double black diamond ski run. It was wild. Great. Over our heads and so righteous.

Adventure is a sacrament for men; we partake and we’re present to God and one another, more engaged, and truer than we are otherwise. And so, sitting stream side in the terra cotta talc powder that is Canyonland’s dirt, we swapped...

What's New Blog

posted on 04/08/2014

Have you checked out the FREE section of our web store recently? We have added a couple resources to give away for a limited time, including the Beloved audio teaching (download) and the Walking With God DVD series!  Click here to check out all of our free resources!  

Your Stories' Blog

posted on 10/24/2012

Join us for a 4-day quest into the recovery of your masculine soul.  Do you desire life, freedom and your heart to be truly free? Then come and join the adventure - come and encounter Jesus. 

This event is based on the Wild at Heart Boot Camp by John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart Ministry. The retreat includes live teaching sessions by Bart Hanson of Ransomed Heart, video teaching sessions, films and times of reflection. This is more than a retreat this is a rescue mission of a man’s heart, for the men attending they will never be the same.  

The Retreat will be taking place at Forest Home Camp located at the base of Big Bear Mountain.  Set in a deep valley on the way to tallest peak in Southern CA...