Unashamed Beauty

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Kelly Jones
Harrisonburg, VA United States

We are a business committed to helping women discover and embrace their unique beauty.

As young women, we constantly receive messages from the media, peers, and family that can distort and confuse a woman’s view of herself. Due to this distorted image, many young women struggle with life controlling issues, such as eating disorders, effects of past sexual abuse, and self-harm, to name a few. 

As women, we, Kelly Jones and Sarah Smoot, have set out to encourage those who are struggling to find their identity in the midst of a world that has limited and confined the beauty of a woman. This issue has prompted us to develop an organization called “Unashamed Beauty,” empowering women to embrace the unique beauty that they posses as those who are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) in God’s image. 

“Unashamed Beauty” has partnered with Amway and Mercy Ministries to be a voice for the young women of our generation. Amway is the provider of the Artistry brand of skin care and cosmetics as well as the Nutrilite brand of vitamins and supplements. Mercy Ministries is an organization based on Christian values with a professional counseling staff. The program provides women with the tools and daily necessities required in order for them to value who they are, stop destructive behaviors permanently, and live out a balanced lift style. 

In order to pursue our vision, we will donate 50% of our profit to Mercy Ministries and will also have the option for customers to donate Amway products directly to the women who are being cared for by the ministry

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