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So what is "Empowering Ranch"?

Empowering Ranch is the name of our ministry-focused business through which we offer scripturally grounded teaching, speaking, and pastoral counseling. Our vision for Empowering Ranch evolved over a number of years as we brainstormed ways in which we could bring encouragement, refreshment, discernment, and community to others.

Empowering Ranch offers the following:

  • Pastoral counseling for individuals and couples - We believe in utilizing the Four Streams, Listening Prayer, Healing Prayer, and Integration Work.  Our specialties include addressing struggles with sexuality, struggles with fear (anxiety, OCD, etc.), premarital relationship development, and marital health. Pastoral counseling is available in person, via video, or via phone. Scott and Mandy are licensed pastors; Mandy is Prepare/Enrich (relational assessment) certified.
  • Teaching scripture from the original languages to small groups using the Socratic Method (an inviting, question-based technique)
  • Training teachers/instructors how to incorporate the Socratic Method into their educational styles
  • Speaking at and organizing men’s, women’s, and coed special events and retreats
  • Officiating weddings

We would love to explore potential partnerships with you!

Empowering Ranch - http://www.empoweringranch.com/facebook.com/empoweringranch

Scott Morin - M.Div. - linkedin.com/in/scottmorin22  ---  facebook.com/scott.morin22

Mandy Nelson - M.Ed. - linkedin.com/in/mandolynnelson

Primary Contact: 
Married Duo: Scott Morin & Mandy Nelson
Minneapolis, MN United States
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Incredibly Gifted and Anointed Teacher
I look forward to every time I have the opportunity to study under Scott's leadership. His Socratic teaching is gifted and anointed, and he has a way of extracting truth and wisdom out of every word of the scriptures, engaging you every step of the way.
Highly Recommend
The best way I can describe my every experience with Scott... From his good and full heart, comes life.
Love Scott!!!
Scott has a big heart for Jesus. The way he brings a deep, question-based approach to looking at the deeper, truer meanings of Scripture really takes you in to the heart of God. His approach gives space for the Holy Spirit to operate and bring deeper interpretation. If you are able to connect with Scott, do it! It will bless you! Jon from Scottsdale, AZ
Socratic Teaching Review
Scott and Mandy came to our home and did a Socratic Teaching with us. It was FANTASTIC! Their grasp and understanding of both Greek and Hebrew is expansive and added depth and richness to a passage with which we were already familiar. After about 10 minutes of teaching and interacting, new insights began to flow in all of us...which then triggered more insights as we all discussed the passage and its implications to our lives. We cannot wait to do this again!! I highly recommend this kind of session to any family, group or study. If you have hit the doldrums in your spiritual walk or in the life of your group, Scott and Mandy will bring fresh and invigorating perspectives and insights. We highly recommend this to you!
Socratic Method – Enlightening, Encouraging and Just Wow
I simply loved the Socratic study that I had the privilege of being a part. I learned how one simple Hebrew word has more meaning than face value. I am now equipped with another tool to draw closer to the Father. Particularly in the realm of the Father as nurturer. So good. Thanks Scott. :)
Scott and Mandy's Socratic teaching
Scott and Mandy are absolutely phenomenal! I had the incredible honor and privilege of serving with (and getting to know/absolutely fall in love with!) Mandy on work crew at Captivating Advanced this past October. It turned out that Scott was teaching a leadership seminar to a large corporation near my family in Washington, DC the following week so Mandy came along with him for a night of teaching in our home. Jesus brought a beautiful small group of our friends together for some time of Socratic teaching under Scott and Mandy...and WOW!!! I had no idea what to expect (and to be a little honest Socratic teaching sounded a bit boring to my ADD free spirited mind...:)) but we could have gone on all night! It was so rich, so deep, so engaging and so encouraging as we dove deeper into the heart of our Father, our Lover and our King collectively as a group!! I seriously can't say enough good things about this precious, humble, passionate, encouraging and life-giving couple/team of Scott and Mandy!!
Studying scripture from the Hebrew and Greek texts - amazing
I have done several scripture studies now with Scott. His insight and the deep meaning he brings out from the Hebrew and Greek texts is beyond description ... it has been life-giving and transformational. I am a huge fan of Scott and Mandy!
We have enjoyed several Socratic studies with Scott and Mandy as well as their friendship. Recently, our entire family was able to participate in a home study with them. Upon leaving, our sixth grade son declared, "I'll never forget this night!" When we talked more about what he said, it was evident that he understood the richness of the feast of ideas that was set before him and that there was yet more to be enjoyed. I know that anytime we have the opportunity to study with Scott and Mandy, our children will jump at the chance to join us! What a joy to know that their wise questions and helpful explanations have ushered our whole family further into a thirst for God and his Word.
Five Star Duo
Our family considers Scott and Mandy as personal friends, allies, mentors and pastors. We have sat under their excellent teaching for years and would highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to grow in their walk with Jesus. Doing Socratic Studies with Scott and Mandy as a family is a highlight for us. It is a beautiful thing to not only receive personal revelation from the scriptures, but to watch your children's eyes light up when they discover the rich, hidden treasures for themselves. It's like striking gold!
Wisdom & Gifting
Scott has wisdom and gifting with an insightful knowledge of Scripture. You can tell God has blessed Scott's heart for helping others. I witnessed Scott's work assisting a young man's acceptance for Christ into his life. Scott is calm, patient, & has a confidence that is grounded in the Holy Spirit.
Highly Recommended
I"m very blessed and fortunate to be able to have Scott & Mandy's guidance and counseling. Scott's guidance and counsel have always pointed me back to the right direction - towards G-d. "And you shall know them by their fruit..." Aside from offering great counsel, Scott is also *extremely* knowledgeable in Hebrew, and in his walk with G- able to offer a lot of experienced advice. I highly recommended The Ranch: Scott and Mandy. Thanks.
Man I highly recommend Scott
Man I highly recommend Scott and Mandy and the Ranch. They both have such a deep love for Scriptures. I have known Scott for many years now; his ability to speak into the heart and lives of men is powerful. Scott is a man that walks intimately with the Father; if you are looking for pastoral counseling I highly suggest him.
Notable Ministry
Scott and Mandy have great knowlege to share that offers depth in your journey, understanding of the Bible, and so much more. They are both great teachers and have fun doing it.
Authentic and Set Apart
I give The Ranch my highest recommendation! Scott and Mandy are two of the most gracious, true, and loving people I have ever met. Scott has walked with me through a lot my story, continually giving me grace and encouragement. They are the least judgmental people that I have ever met, giving me the space to be true to who I am. They are gifted in teaching, scripture study, the sexual journey, counseling, and many other things! If you have the chance to use Scott and Mandy in any of these areas you will not regret it!
Maturity. Depth. Insight. Heart
Maturity. Depth. Insight. Heart. These are teachers of the soul. They bridge the ancient path (Jeremiah) and our Fathers of our Faith with modern day living and pursuing the Abundant Life. I strongly recommend time with these great Bible teachers. I'm honored to receive from them! It is rare to find a teacher that can unearth treasures hidden in ancient texts and languages and bring it into the light and show how it shapes us today. Mandy and Scott understand the heart and God's heart.
The Ranch
I have known Scott and Mandy for 6 years now and have had the privilege of receiving their mentoring and teaching in different arenas of life. The depth of their teaching and wisdom and heart is incredible. Their presence draws an open heart out of you. To be able to engage in a deep and true friendship/relationship without shame and judgement is extremely difficult to find, but it is available with Scott and Mandy!.
Genuine Hearts & Amazing Guidance
I say YES to The Ranch! A place I completely recommend. Where you will be found walking down a path of wholeness like never before. You will be met with grace by two hearts who journey along side you and God in whatever aspect of the Ranch you dive into!
Scott and Mandy
Scott and Mandy have journed with us for years and are among our closest of allies. Their giftedness and hearts for others make them a five star reccomendation.
Well worth your time
Scott is an extremely gifted teacher who creatively engages both the head and the heart. I'm impressed with his immense knowledge about God, his incredible passion for Jesus, and his sincere desire to see people experience healing and wholeness.
Huge Hearts and Excellent Leaders
Mandy & Scott are a "dynamic duo" and have a real heart for people. With their skill in relational dynamics (whether dealing with the good, the bad, or the ugly), they do an excellent job assisting and encouraging those willing to walk out their journey. Their dedication and knowledge are admirable. Their extensive participation in Hebraic studies has enriched their view of the scriptures and they bring it in a grace-filled manner.
Excellent Spiritual Leaders
I have known and worked with Scott and Mandy for over 8 years through various opportunities at RH events. They love God, and bring a depth and spiritual maturity to everything they do. I would highly recommend them!
Heart for Others
I've worked with Scott at Boot Camps, and have witnessed God using him in the lives of others through friendship, healing and teaching. He and Mandy have a deep heart for others and their ministry is a blessed offering!
Scott has served as Senior Work Crew for our Wild at Heart BC and Advanced events for years. He and Mandy are quality people with a strong understanding of the Ransomed Heart message and ministry. I recommend them without reservation.
Scott and Mandy's Ministry
Scott and Mandy have a profoundly effective ministry. I have been under Scott's leadership many times and his insights make Scripture clear. His depth of knowledge brings the Scriptures to life. You will greatly benefit from Scott and Mandy!
A heart for ministry
I've had the privilege of working with Scott several times at Wild at Heart Boot Camps. He is a talented and committed leader with a heart for ministry. Anyone who works with Scott and Mandy will not be disappointed.
The Ranch - Minneapolis, MN
I've known Scott for over six years. I can attest to his leadership, experiential empathy, and compassion for people. He and his wife are amazing people with amazing knowledge to share and to care for all those they come in contact with. You would do well to participate in their events. They are the real deal...
Highest recommendation
I've worked with Scott on several retreats helping Ransomed Heart. He's the real deal. Authentic, approachable, and always bringing his deep knowledge of scriptures to bear in helpful, inspiring, and challenging ways.
one word: Gifted
Other words: talented, passionate, trustworthy. I have saved with Scott and have spent time with both Scott and Mandy. Highly Recommended without reservations.
I recommend Scott & Mandy and
I recommend Scott & Mandy and their organization.
One of our closest allies
Scott and Mandy are some of our closest allies. Scott is one our Senior Work Crew and had worked with us for over a decade. We recommend them without reservation.