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Men's Life coaching is a dynamic co-creative partnership between the Holy Spirit, the Life coach and the men who become a client that draws the best out of men, healing their heart, moving them forward into a deeper Life that God wants them to live.  Men's Life Coaching focuses on the future with the intention of helping men move forward to new beginnings with faith, hope and courage living fully alive in the adventure that God has for them.
My purpose in life is fulfilled through my calling as a Men's LIFE coach for men who are in some kind of transition or who want more from of the  life Jesus has to offer them as men.  Men who want to move forward to the new beginning that God has for them, but find themselves stuck in between what was and what will be.
I know what that is like because I've been there. At those times of transition, I've needed a guide to help point me in the right direction, give me a clearer perspective and encourage me along the way. Another man to come alongside me and walk with me through the healing of my heart wound, point me to the adventure God has for me, give me perspective on rescuing the beauty in my life and walking with Jesus as my intiamte ally.  
Working through several life altering transitions, I’ve gained a deep and clear perspective on what a man goes through and how they feel when life's transitions come their way. The masculine journey is best traveled with another man who can draw the best out of you as a man so you can realize your full potential as a Father, Husband, Leader, Grandfather and Friend. My mission in life is to help as many men as possible move forward to reach their new beginning and live from their masculine heart to experience their true purpose in life.
Steven Liparoto
United States
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