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We took a week to vacation with our friends and family over the Fourth in So. Cal. On Sunday Lori and I attended the church my son-in-law is planting in Redlands. As it happens he’s teaching on one of my Top 10 Most Disruptive Things Christ Said/Did

Christ says:

Julie M.

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Julie M Christmas 07 (4)

She has a laugh, a distinctive laugh… it’s disarming and inviting… it has “Welcome, relax, life is good” woven in and out of it.

Beans The Birthday Dog

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Giving What We Don't Have

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We live with a grievous void. Much of what God desired for us as children can only come through our parents.


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We get letters… emails… notes, all kinds of things actually from people God has romanced, healed, delivered… rescued or resurrected to life. Given our propensity for spiritual amnesia we need stories of God. Jeri sent in a bit of her story that I personally found encouraging... and a needed reminder of God.

Stumbling Toward Ecstasy

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Memorial Day 2008.

Several of the RH Staff annually run the Bolder- Boulder 10K. It’s a huge rite of Spring where 53,000 people and 26 Elvis’s run through the streets of Boulder Colorado. This was my inaugural.

New Kid in Town

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There's a new kid in town...

Alex is new to the Ransomed Heart team working with us on events.

Teeth Cleaning

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“What is shame? Shame is, quite simply, the feeling that there is something wrong with you. In more extreme cases, it is the feeling that there is something TERRIBLY, IRREVOCABLY, DEEPLY, FUNDAMENTALLY, wrong with you…Anyone who likes you or sees value in you just isn't looking closely enough to really see the "real" you.” – Bill Harris

He's Back...

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Well... to no ones surprise Morgan mounted his steed and sitting high in the saddle one couldn't help but think of Genghis Khan, The Lone Ranger, Teddy leading the Rough Riders... or, the Man From Snowy River...


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