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SmallGroupsLori and I are currently in a 12 week group hosted by a local church leader…


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A Hero of Mine

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One of the heroes of faith for me is my friend Janie.


I will always remember the day she shared her grief with me.  Her losses were great and would overwhelm/crush/smother/demoralize anyone. Everyone.

Like a Saint

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Hey, it’s not uncommon to fight off a little cold right?

For a week I was snorting, sneezing, sniffling… tossing and turning through the night; downing vitamin C, guzzling water, doing the Zicam… and praying like a saint.  Like a saint!  For a week.

Slurring Speech

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The Christmas Letter

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This is the 2008 McConnell Christmas Letter


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Once again I’m struck by my inability to express in words something I’ve seen, felt, touched or heard.  On a 747 at 47,000 feet, somewhere over the rainbow between Los Angeles and Sydney Australia, I’m hoping to describe a few men’s experience of the Boot Camp we just finished. 

It's About God!

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I am in Australia with the Ransomed Heart team about to begin our four day Boot Camp. A good part of the day is spent preparing my heart and words for the sessions I lead. I often suffer from a spiritual amnesia: forgetting much about God... his faithfulness to me through the years... his heart for me... who I am and all that he's called me to be and to offer to others; and so I peruse my journals for stories and truth. This particular journal entry jumped out.


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A Bowl of Chili

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