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Its the Little Things

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Fairy Tales

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Boot Camp Week

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Its Boot Camp week here at Ransomed Heart. 450 men from all over the world are heading to Colorado for a profound encounter with God. We just finished packing the U Haul we take up to Crooked Creek Ranch with all our stuff in it. Work crew guys are flying in today. Part of our team will head up this afternoon to the camp, the rest tomorrow morning. There is excitement in the air.

What I have been reading this summer

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I’m probably not alone in finding that summer allows a little more room for reading than the rest of the year.

I’m not sure all the reasons for that. Part of it is schedule – things tend to really ramp up in the Eldredge house and at Ransomed Heart September through May. But part of it is mindset. There just seems to be a little more breathing room as my soul rests a bit in summer. So, I’ve been reading and loving the opportunity to read. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying this past month:

How Much of God is in a Single Day?

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Today is Sunday. The 20th of July.

Summer So Far

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I was thinking today about the things I’ve been enjoying this summer. In the midst of war, and chaos, stolen cars, sleepless nights, all that stuff, it’s really good to remember what is beautiful, and true. Most True. So here’s my favorites from summer thus far…

Butterflies. Especially the big yellow and black monarchs. I love them, love their nonchalance, love how God seems to send one my way right when I am stressing and obsessing about something. A playful reminder to lighten up.

Distraction and Prayer

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I have the hardest time staying focused in prayer.

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