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The Everlasting Stream

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A few years ago Morgan gave the guys on the team a book called The Everlasting Stream. It sounds like a devotional, but its not, not even a Christian book. Its a book about a big city guy whose life is utterly transformed by spending time with his rural father-in-law, hunting rabbits in Kentucky with the men he has been hanging out with for more than fifty years. Its become an in-house favorite here because its description of masculine culture is so good, and so dang funny.

Ballad of the Goodly Fere

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by Ezra Pound

Cactus Flowers

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It's spring break, and we are in the desert for a few days. Why? People who live at 7,000 feet don't ask. Because last week my yard got another 7 inches of snow; 3 more are due tonight.

St Patricks Day!

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Okay, I love this holiday. St Patrick was a warrior, sent into a raging pagan country to bring a Gospel of Life and Freedom. He gave the Irish a Story that put all other stories in context; he gave a passionate people a Gospel of the heart. He captured their love of nature and helped them see the Creator's heart. He understood the spiritual battle, and equipped them to fight it. Instead of leprechauns and shamrocks, I give to you today the "Daily Prayer" of St Patrick:

A Chance Encounter?

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So, I'm walking across the parking lot today back towards Whole Foods. I'd finished my shopping, put the bags in my truck, but I'd forgotten a fork. To eat my lunch. Anyhow, I'm walking cross the parking lot when I hear a voice yell, "John!"

A Valentine's Day Story

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deep breath

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It's Sunday. Stasi and I were just sitting in my office at home, talking about the fact that this is the week we start the Love and War Tour. I said, "Okay. Anything funky between us this week," (I was already feeling the funkiness, the "you don't really like me" stuff), "anything that feels weird is NOT true. It's not us. Anything that feels like diminishment this week, or accusation, is NOT true. This is a Tour week." She nodded, sighed. We both shared a sober look.

The Theme of the New Year

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Every year, on New year's Day, I try and take some time to be with God, and ask him a few questions.

The Utterly Unique Gift of Christmas

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I love singing Christmas carols. I love what their words remind me of. Just this morning Stasi was singing a few refrains from O Holy Night and it absolutely grabbed me:

A thrill of hope

The weary world rejoices

One Week from Today!!!

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December 15 is a big day for Stasi and me.

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