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Give Jesus


Give Jesus

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OK, this is really worth whooping over: I just heard about a guy who posted an offer to his 600 Facebook friends, offering to give them a free copy of Beautiful Outlaw, no strings attached. All they have to do is reply yes, they'd like one, and give him an address, and that's it. He'll send one asap. 


Wow. Talk about Merry Christmas. What a cool idea.


I'm blown away by the generosity. But also by the Intentionality. I mean, right – let's get Jesus out there, every way we possibly can. This Jesus. This beautiful portrayal. O may it be a rescue for those lost in the religious fog, and may it be a enticing introduction for those who don't yet know Jesus.


When I heard about the offer, it moved me to think again about who I can give a copy to. Right away my neighbors came to mind, who we've been wanting to share Christ with, but something always seems to delay the moment. To send a few out to family as well. Heck, if I had a Facebook page, I'd do what this guy is doing. Let's get extravagant with Jesus!


So…how about giving Jesus for Christmas. You can get awesome case discounts on Beautiful Outlaw at our website store. 


After all, Bethlehem was an invasion. Let's celebrate Christmas by carrying it on.

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