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Ransomed Heart's First Ever OutlawCast Was a Huge Success!


Ransomed Heart's First Ever OutlawCast Was a Huge Success!

Ransomed Heart's first ever OutlawCast was a huge success!  We've been hearing your stories about it from all over the world. Jesus is beautiful!  Here is what Paul wrote to us:

In a word, wow. I don't even know where to begin. My head is spinning. This is Our home fellowship, which is about a month old, believed Beautiful Outlaw was a natural progression in the direction Jesus has been taking us. We're a small band of friends who love each other and are seeking to be intentional and authentic in community together. Anyhow, when things started tonight and there were technical glitches with the audio I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Now, I'm sure you guys were freaking out. I would have been. But what I needed to see, what WE needed to see was how John handled that. His prayer - deliberate, beautiful, commanding, genuine - all COMPLETELY set the tone for the next 90 minutes. And then, AND THEN Jesus came into our living room. We laughed together, ate homemade vegan lasagna, talked to him, it was the most amazing time. No one wanted to leave. In fact, they're all coming back over in a couple of days to see if he'll do it again! I have a picture of me and John on my desk - from when I came to hear him speak in Nashville a few years ago. They all tease me about my man-crush :) and no one quite knew what to expect about tonight's webcast - but in all sincerity tonight we belonged - the body of Christ, all OVER the WORLD was truly unified. There were no barriers. It was simply beautiful. I can't say enough about Ransomed Heart. I love what Jesus is doing through you and I love being alive at this time in history to be part of what is happening.

Click here to watch the OutlawCast, and share this link so that others can see it, and share it too.

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