As  I read Beautiful Outlaw I am reminded of  something CS Lewis said (I can't ever imagine anyone ever reading a good book just once). This is so true about this book in my life. Knowing Jesus, I mean really knowing him! It changes everything! 


I am learning through the message of this book who he really is and he is better than I ever thought possible. I have realized how I have limited him access to so many areas of my life because of my beliefs of him and thus putting a hedge between me and him.


My eyes have been opened to the extravagance of Jesus and the Father as he is constantly trying to show me this in so many ways throughout each day. I love how John Shares this in so many of the simple stories about Jesus and his personal encounters with his people. The best part is this: we get to live his life, the life that he lived and came to give us, how cool is that!


For those that will read with their hearts wide open Beautiful Outlaw will resonate to the deepest regions of there sole.  It will change their every false thought and perception of him to who the real Jesus is.


~Jim W.

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